27 Double Vanity Bathroom Designs

Double vanity bathroom designs can be of use if you are planning your new home and know there will be enough bathroom space to fit one of those classy, roomy, vanities that one is mostly used to see in hotels and the movies.

Shall you be interested in including one of the many double vanity bathroom designs out there, this post may very well come in handy, as we are about to show you some interesting ideas on what one can do with this kind of vanity.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The most used sizes are 60 inch and 72 inch vanities
  • The cabinets can make a total change in the look
  • …or you can opt for two separate items
  • … and connect them with a powder vanity!
  • You can pick two separate sinks or bowls
  • …or one big sink to fit the counter
  • A master bathroom looks amazing with a double vanity…

…and you are the one in charge when planning your new home or bathroom, not the designer, so do check sizes, and get some inspiration from our post!

Your washroom will seem classier and luxurious with one of these double vanity bathroom designs, of that our team is sure. We compiled some of the very best ideas available online for your delight and inspiration because we want you to love every room of your home.

Among the double vanity bathroom designs photos you are about to see, you can take notes on other aspects too, such as décor ideas, console, cabinets, mirrors, and beyond!  Have you thought of colors and materials? Gray is quite popular nowadays, and so is white marble or oak.

 We hope you find what you came looking for in this post’s gallery. Our team made sure you could be offered a wide range of options so you can have some ideas on what can be done, adapt them to your taste and your home décor and end up with one of the best double vanity bathroom designs one can have!

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